Your civilization and google translate

There are excellent strategy games in the world: Sid Meier’s Civilization, Europa Universalis, the Total War series and others. But they are all single / multiplayer games. The rapid development of the Internet and mobile devices has led to the emergence of a huge number of MMO-strategies. However, the absolute majority of these games are the same as stools.

This picture accurately reflects the essence of the problem. The second problem is that all these games are sharpened to donat. Often, there is no game left in the game, but only one continuous monetization.

However, a large number of players is able to bring great strategic depth to the game. Tens and even hundreds of players playing together and against each other give rise to a huge variation in the game, creating unique management and planning opportunities. This potential is absolutely not realized, there are no games that implement the strategic interaction of the communities of players. Or we do not know about them.

Your civilization is a project that must compensate for this gap and implement a team strategic game.

Project development

We have a small team, the game creates only 3 people. But we cope! 🙂

The project started in September 2016. In January 2018, a limited version of the game was released, closed beta testing began.

At the moment (February, 2019) the game is 80% ready. By the end of 2019, we are going to start an international open beta test that will last one game world (5-7 months).

To lead a project in many languages is a serious task for our small team. We called for help “Google translate”. This text you are currently reading translated Google’s AI. Yes, we understand that machine translation is still far from ideal, but its quality is constantly improving. It’s no wonder they came up with Neural Machine Translation! Only using all the achievements of the civilization of the planet Earth will we be able to create an excellent game and not lose our independence.

Our independence (from investors) is a guarantee that the game will be made in the interests of the players. And it will not turn into another Donat-Donat-Donat-game.

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