Versions of the game 1.01-1.05

Version 1.05


  • Implemented the display of different background illustrations in cities, depending on the climate;
  • Added climate backgrounds of the city: desert, snow, tundra;
  • Added a picture of the building for the amphitheater;
  • Added the impact of scientific bonuses on the production of resources and tax collection;
  • The boundaries of their own and foreign cities are displayed on the map in different colors;
  • The explored parts of the map are no longer lost, but are transferred to a new country when they adopt the last dynasty of the old country;
  • One level of the hut now gives only 1 tree per hour (there were 2);
  • Extraction of meat from horses and camels is now increased by building Vygon;
  • Added support payment for scientific and other buildings;
  • Launched Anti-mult first generation
  • Fixed various bugs;
  • Application support for Windows XP has been discontinued.

Version 1.04


  • Added new quests;
  • The list of countries has been improved, the number of dynasties of the country and the number of cities are shown;
  • Added a preliminary picture of the water construction site in the city;
  • Now you can find and submit an application to a country that is completely invisible but within the player’s acceptance radius;
  • Troops sent to reinforcements can be recalled to the home city;
  • Fixed various bugs;
  • Significantly expanded server power, now applications are connected to it in a new, stable way.

Version 1.03


  • Changed the technical parameters of the connection to the server. Communication must become more sustainable;
  • Added new buttons in the Settings menu;
  • Fixed various bugs.

Version 1.02


  • The head of state can transfer his powers to any player in his country;
  • You can leave the country;
  • The head of state can kick any player out of the country;
  • Added a list of country players in Edicts, on the Country tab;
  • During a scientific merger, an accepted player cannot be transferred to another country, cannot leave the country, cannot be expelled;
  • Fixed various bugs.

Version 1.01


  • The first 100 resources of each kind, except for flasks, cannot be robbed;
  • The admission rule has changed: you can accept a player if any of his cities is at a distance of 25 (or closer) hexes to any city in the country;
  • Added learning quests;
  • The browser version is slightly optimized;
  • Fixed various bugs.