Game Version 1.06

Minor update 1.06.007


  • Production of resources (profile specialization) 10 (it was 12);
  • Resource production (non-core specialization) 3 (there were 4);
  • Science (profile specialization) 20 (was 24);
  • Science (basic specialization) 6 (it was 8);
  • The prices of some sciences are changed;
  • Reworked screens Science, Market. Yes, yes – they no longer slow down!
  • The selected Market settings are now saved. If you put the filter on the tree – it will stand constantly until you change it manually. The same with the country’s market, if you choose it, it will always open by default;
  • Improved mail;
  • Fixed minor bugs, added new ones.

Minor update 1.06.006


  • We corrected viewing of mail that was previously broken;
  • Personal mail and reports are now located in different folders;
  • Added calculation and display of all variants of the optimal path;
  • Added the ability to navigate around the map using clicks on the minimap.
  • Some changes of the Great Rebalance are introduced:
    • Science, the basic production of 40% (was 50%);
    • The deposit of marble is 60% (it was 80%);
    • The bauxite deposit is 20% (it was 100%);
    • Sulfur deposit 50% (was 100%);
    • Saltpetre deposit 20% (was 30%);
    • The deposit of uranium is 10% (it was 100%).
  • Fixed bugs;
  • Added new graphic elements.

Minor update 1.06.005


  • Reconnaissance card. Now you can choose which particular unit will go into exploration;
  • Number of merchants temporarily doubled. When entering the sea trade their number will be reduced to the usual level;
  • When sending resources and caravans, a confirmation is now displayed on the map;
  • When moving from city to city on the map screen, the warehouse of resources is now correctly displayed;
  • The number of merchants is now shown with 2 decimal places;
  • Updated mini-map view;
  • Added some graphic elements of the game;
  • Fixed a large number of errors, in particular incorrect data on money in the Encyclopedia.

Minor update 1.06.004


  • Hunters and riders can be used as scouts;
  • Hunters and riders for reconnaissance require less, in proportion to the cost of the worker;
  • First of all, riders will be sent to reconnaissance. In the second – the hunters. The third – workers;
  • The radius of the reconnaissance becomes floating, it is equal to half the radius of the city view (the radius does not depend on the units);
  • The price of science decreases depending on the number of dynasties that have already learned this science. Reduction can reach ~ 70%.

Minor update 1.06.003


  • Changed the principle of calculating the distance. Previously, it was calculated by the Pythagorean theorem, the number of hexes is now calculated;
  • Increased the price of science, worth more than 2 million. flasks This is part of the Big Scientific Rebalance;
  • Fixed some bugs in the Encyclopedia;
  • Added separate graphic elements;
  • Changed the principle of the production of newspapers;
  • Fixed various bugs.

Minor update 1.06.002


  • Barbarians. If a player does not enter the game for more than 3 weeks, his dynasty turns into barbarians;
  • Improved stability of the connection to the game server.

Minor update 1.06.001


  • Changed the tax collection formula. Now scientific money bonuses are added to the base value, not multiplied.
  • Changed the value of scientific bonuses for money;
  • Fixed some bugs.