Game Version 1.11

Minor update 1.11.015


  • We systematically add a call to the Encyclopedia with a right click (long tap). Now you can click on the resources of the warehouse and advisers (both in the window and on the top panel);
  • The filling of the client has been seriously redesigned for optimization and speed. This will be more noticeable in the browser;
  • Fixed various bugs.

Minor update 1.11.014


  • Improved (almost) encyclopedia. Now it has an almost finished look;
  • Added a new tooltip for the warehouse. If you visit the quantity, the exact quantity of this resource will be shown;
  • On the Science screen, in the Edicts, the “Save” button has been removed, now saving occurs at the moment of selecting the corresponding science;
  • Fixed various bugs.

Minor update 1.11.013


  • Enriched (partially) encyclopedia;
  • Encyclopedia table of contents added;
  • Added button to enable / disable the display of the table of contents;
  • If you right-click on any hex of the map, an encyclopedia window opens with information about this particular hex (however, not everything is completed there either);
  • Fixed various bugs.

Minor update 1.11.012


  • Clients update technology has been improved. Nothing new has appeared in the game, however, previous clients will not be able to update.

Minor update 1.11.011


  • Fixed all the hot bugs that you talked about;
  • Slightly improved the performance of the tree of sciences;
  • The trading window on the map has been improved: when switching to sending caravans, the heading becomes different colors (so that you are not mistaken);
  • The window shows the names of the country, dynasty and city – they are clickable, a profile opens by clicking (and soon it will be everywhere);
  • In the same window, the behavior of the (+) and (-) buttons is improved.

Minor update 1.11.010


  • An Exit button has been added to the game’s start screen. It was impossible to go out before;
  • Now, when accelerating actions with the building, an information window is displayed informing about the cost of Good luck;
  • The acceleration button inside the window of the building is removed;
  • Now you can accelerate only after the start of the operation with the building;
  • The flag of the city you are in is now yellow. All others remain green. You will not get lost!
  • The price will be shown in red if this resource is not enough. Now you will immediately see what is missing for the construction;
  • Optimized the tree of sciences. Moving faster, showing more. LKM lurks like a map;
  • We rechecked the rounding of merchants. Now it is always rounded down;
  • All windows are closed by pressing the ESC button. If there are no windows, the Game Menu will open;
  • The Encyclopedia was slightly modified;
  • Fixed most of the past bugs. Advisers work again!
  • The tooltips for the warehouse have been redone; they have become more informative, as you ordered.

Minor update 1.11.009


  • Added encyclopedia in draft design. The data in it is relevant, but there is no beauty yet, it will be added in the next updates;
  • Added profiles of the city, dynasty and country;
  • Another update multilingual localization. You can view by selecting English (the rest is better not to touch, there is no translation);
  • Different server updates that make all previous clients incompatible. It is necessary to update them. Sure to!
  • Fixed various bugs;
  • Changed the principle of “dragging”. Maps are now dragged when the left mouse button is pressed (LMB). Earlier it was pulling PKM. This is necessary to unify management for desktop and mobile applications. In the future, the principle will be followed: paint and varnish (tap) – action with an object, PCM (long tap) – opening of an encyclopedia window or profile about a given object.

Minor update 1.11.007


  • Added tree of sciences. This is the primary implementation, it will develop and improve;
  • Added pictures in the new building selection window. You will no longer see a sad valley with a sad river;
  • Added multilingual localization (in these three words – three months of work);
  • Partial English translation is done. It is better not to include other languages!
  • Added micro attack informer. If on the flag of the city a red light caught fire – you were attacked!
  • Fixed various bugs. And, apparently, added new 🙂

Minor update 1.11.006


  • Added pictures of units, and the color of the ribbon now corresponds to their combat mission;
  • The process of hiring units is now displayed on the city screen, similar to construction;
  • Put things in order with the buildings: now it is possible to perform only one any action (building, rebuilding, demolishing, switching on, shutting down, training units);
  • Fixed various bugs, incl. which got out in the previous version. Palace again befitting size !;
  • Different things:
    • For Android applications, the vertical orientation feature is disabled. You can rotate your device as you want – the game will always be in horizontal projection.
    • merchants’ rounding is now always down. You do not have to shout, “Well, how so?”;
    • The window for choosing a new building was made bigger. As you asked.

Minor update 1.11.005


  • The fourth generation antimult is introduced into the (almost) industrial mode;
  • Fixed visual bugs in the city. Mostly those where, due to the relative position of the houses, it was difficult or impossible to click on one of them;
  • The name of the city is now changing in a separate window. The old name does not disappear when the window is opened;
  • Some buttons now become inactive if the target action is impossible. For example, a building improvement button may become inactive if it has reached the highest possible level;
  • The windows on the map behaved strangely: some were moving, some were not, and some were moving only for the company. We put order there;
  • Produced the first series of client optimization. Improved performance will be more noticeable when playing in a browser or Android application;
  • When acceleration can be done for free, the button turns blue.

Minor update 1.11.004


  • The fourth generation antimult is put into action.
  • The collection of statistics for the implementation of antimult-5 was launched. Its appearance is expected in the 1-2 quarter of 2019.

Minor update 1.11.003


  • Added the ability to build rocket parts;
  • Added assembly of a spacecraft (and other rockets) from parts;
  • Added new pictures of buildings;
  • Added new graphic elements of the city;
  • The required sciences for some buildings have been changed, in particular, for the temple-monastery branch;
  • The world profile window has been changed: the switch between all and near countries has become more noticeable; the button for applying to the country is now right in this window;
  • Fixed various bugs.

Minor update 1.11.002


  • Added new graphic elements;
  • Improved individual windows;
  • Fixed visual bugs;
  • Added assembly components for missiles.

Minor update 1.11.001


  • Trade offers are visible on 100 hexes. Now that’s for sure. (If you see a huge number of days, it means that the seller is in an undiscovered area, the real time will be less);
  • The value of scientific knowledge gained by robbery is now different: (1) if robbed with superior science, the value of flasks increases by 20%; (2) if the science of the victim is from 50% to 100% of ours, then the value of the robbery is reduced by a similar percentage; (3) if the science of the victim is 50% or less, then the knowledge will not increase at all. ZERO!
  • A lower threshold for the accumulation of scientific knowledge, in the amount of 300 flasks;
  • When investing knowledge in science, the parameters of scientific specialization will always be used to calculate the 32-hour accumulation, even if the city has a different setting.