Game basics

Entry to the international beta test started in March, a month ago. During this time, ~ 1500 people from 109 countries of the world have signed up.

TOP 10

  1. Brazil
  2. Argentina
  3. Venezuela
  4. Myanmar
  5. Chile
  6. India
  7. Colombia
  8. Indonesia
  9. Italy
  10. Spain

Hispanic community is the most numerous. Next come the English-speaking and Portuguese. In addition, the game has a very large Russian-speaking community. The game in the first world promises to be interesting!

Now, and further, I will publish a series of short questions and answers that will help you learn the game better.

How long does the game last?

The game is played in batches that go 7-9 months. The party is called the “game world”. Many gaming worlds can be launched at the same time. We plan to launch local worlds (for individual countries and language zones) and international ones.

How does the game start?

The game begins in the stone age. Each player plays for the dynasty of the rulers of a particular nation. It is necessary to develop cities, establish new cities, study sciences, extract resources, unite into countries, and fight.

Country? What it is?

Our game is a team strategy, it is impossible to win alone. Only an alliance of many players can achieve victory. During the game, it will be necessary to unite into countries, first 4 players, then 6, then 8, 12 and so on. By the end of the game, the size of the country can reach 121.

What gives the country?

All players of the country have a common science. Within the country, a division of labor takes place: some cities produce scientific knowledge, others – stone, third – corn, fourth – uranium. And so on, there are 21 resources in the game, and all are necessary for victory. We should also highlight the military. These players build an army and protect the country from attacks.

At the head of the country is the ruler. He gives orders to all other players. He leads the country to victory. Being a ruler is difficult, but honorable. Are you ready to become a ruler?

Attacks? Can I attack?

Oh yeah! Now in the game land battles are realized. In the future, sea war and aviation will appear. And you can also build intercontinental nuclear missiles, and launch them into the enemy!

During the war, you can destroy cities, dynasties and even countries. But it is not easy at all.

What do the sciences give?

Scientific progress is the most important thing in the game. The discovery of science allows you to build new buildings in cities, train new troops, extract new resources, build roads and much more. With each science, the game changes, something new appears in it.

How to win?

To win you need to build and launch a spacecraft. The winners are all players in the country in which the first launch will occur. The winners get into the Hall of Fame of the game, will receive different bonuses (we have not thought them up yet) The party is considered to be played, this game world closes.

In addition to the main victory, there will be additional victories and achievements. Consolation prizes.

One thought on “Game basics

  1. Ahmer Baig

    I tried to play the game but the language is in Russian. Even though I selected English as language, the language in game did not change. How do i do it?