Game Version 1.11

Minor update 1.11.006


  • Added pictures of units, and the color of the ribbon now corresponds to their combat mission;
  • The process of hiring units is now displayed on the city screen, similar to construction;
  • Put things in order with the buildings: now it is possible to perform only one any action (building, rebuilding, demolishing, switching on, shutting down, training units);
  • Fixed various bugs, incl. which got out in the previous version. Palace again befitting size !;
  • Different things:
    • For Android applications, the vertical orientation feature is disabled. You can rotate your device as you want – the game will always be in horizontal projection.
    • merchants' rounding is now always down. You do not have to shout, "Well, how so?";
    • The window for choosing a new building was made bigger. As you asked.

Minor update 1.11.005


  • The fourth generation antimult is introduced into the (almost) industrial mode;
  • Fixed visual bugs in the city. Mostly those where, due to the relative position of the houses, it was difficult or impossible to click on one of them;
  • The name of the city is now changing in a separate window. The old name does not disappear when the window is opened;
  • Some buttons now become inactive if the target action is impossible. For example, a building improvement button may become inactive if it has reached the highest possible level;
  • The windows on the map behaved strangely: some were moving, some were not, and some were moving only for the company. We put order there;
  • Produced the first series of client optimization. Improved performance will be more noticeable when playing in a browser or Android application;
  • When acceleration can be done for free, the button turns blue.

Minor update 1.11.004


  • The fourth generation antimult is put into action.
  • The collection of statistics for the implementation of antimult-5 was launched. Its appearance is expected in the 1-2 quarter of 2019.

Minor update 1.11.003


  • Added the ability to build rocket parts;
  • Added assembly of a spacecraft (and other rockets) from parts;
  • Added new pictures of buildings;
  • Added new graphic elements of the city;
  • The required sciences for some buildings have been changed, in particular, for the temple-monastery branch;
  • The world profile window has been changed: the switch between all and near countries has become more noticeable; the button for applying to the country is now right in this window;
  • Fixed various bugs.

Minor update 1.11.002


  • Added new graphic elements;
  • Improved individual windows;
  • Fixed visual bugs;
  • Added assembly components for missiles.

Minor update 1.11.001


  • Trade offers are visible on 100 hexes. Now that's for sure. (If you see a huge number of days, it means that the seller is in an undiscovered area, the real time will be less);
  • The value of scientific knowledge gained by robbery is now different: (1) if robbed with superior science, the value of flasks increases by 20%; (2) if the science of the victim is from 50% to 100% of ours, then the value of the robbery is reduced by a similar percentage; (3) if the science of the victim is 50% or less, then the knowledge will not increase at all. ZERO!
  • A lower threshold for the accumulation of scientific knowledge, in the amount of 300 flasks;
  • When investing knowledge in science, the parameters of scientific specialization will always be used to calculate the 32-hour accumulation, even if the city has a different setting.

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