Game version 1.13

Minor update 1.13.186


  • Added the ability to increase the quest reward by 3 times for viewing ads. This works only on mobile devices, there are no ads for PC, alas! …;
  • Now the number and type of recruited troops is preserved;
  • Various bugs fixed.

Minor update 1.13.179


  • Added automatic translation (Google Translate) of messages in chat and mail into your language, which is selected at the start of the game. We will develop this feature by selectively enabling / disabling translation for individual languages. The names of countries, dynasties and cities will not be translated;
  • Introduced game chat moderation;
  • The city screen shows the total number of troops in the city;
  • On the city screen, you can see which troops and how many are training in the building;
  • We finally got it done! Now, if a country lagging behind in science attacks a city of a country superior in science and wins, additional scientific knowledge will be gained. Their size depends on the attitude of the killed militia to the general population of the country, and on the difference in the scientific development of the two countries. However, the amount of scientific knowledge cannot be more than the number of killed militias multiplied by the number of the current scientific era of the attacked country;
  • Fixed various bugs;
  • Added consumption of newspapers. They give + 15% of the culture of the city.

Minor update 1.13.157


  • From the battle log, you can go back to the emulator, click uncrossed swords in the right / upper corner of the log;
  • Now, if the attacking side is completely killed in the first 3 combat cycles, only a short combat log will be available;
  • The owner of the reinforcements will always receive a short battle log. The owner of the city in which the battle took place will always receive a full log;
  • The game engine has been improved, the application now loads faster;
  • The game application will automatically disconnect from the server after a certain period of inactivity. This is necessary to reduce the load on the game server;
  • Fixed attacks of savages: now they can not make several attacks in one city, attack through the water and too distant cities;
  • Various bugs fixed.

Minor update 1.13.133


  • We fixed a lot of bugs (so many that we indicate it as the first item, not the last);
  • Sea traders now carry 2,000 resources;
  • Barbarian cities now have gray borders, you can’t go wrong;
  • The information panel of the map has been improved. Now you can copy the coordinates of any hex, or make a quick transition by entering your coordinates;
  • Savage attack algorithm has been changed.

Minor update 1.13.126


  • The building level plate now has a color cue:
    • green – it is possible to increase the level of the building (the necessary sciences are open);
    • yellow – it is possible to rebuild it (the necessary sciences are open);
    • gray – you cannot level up or rebuild buildings (there are no necessary sciences);
  • Added a button for copying messages in chat, mail, reports.

Minor update 1.13.125


  • Renamed Neanderthals to Savages and began attacking players;
  • The rules for plundering science have been improved: if the ratio of sciences is less than 2, then there will be no scientific knowledge in the mining;
  • Savages now invest knowledge in science and gradually develop;
  • Changed industrial buildings for different deposits (note the Lobsters);
  • Encyclopedia. Added information on industrial buildings for this deposit to the description of deposits;
  • Added world news;
  • Optimized the map. She now moves better at the smallest scale;
  • Various bugs fixed.

Minor update 1.13.100


  • Added the ability to login via Google or Facebook;
  • The system of game reports has been redesigned, now they work on a new mail engine;
  • Added about 20 new reports;
  • Optimized the startup load time of the application a little more;
  • Added the ability to dismiss troops for the Android application;
  • Standard point: various bugs fixed.

Minor update 1.13.086


  • The postal system has been redesigned. Now there are personal correspondence, correspondence in the country, the world chat has been updated;
  • Text in messages can be selected and copied;
  • The initial loading of the game was accelerated;
  • A lot of work has been done to make the game server work more stable;
  • Fixed many bugs.

Minor update 1.13.017


  • Server performance has been significantly improved;
  • In the encyclopedia, many elements have become clickable;
  • In the mobile application, you can call up the encyclopedia with a long tap on different elements of the game (buildings, resources …);
  • Various bugs fixed.

Minor update 1.13.012


  • Added filter for the War window;
  • Squads are now marked with icons, depending on the mission being performed;
  • Scientific knowledge is now invested in science correctly;
  • The studied sciences in the encyclopedia are highlighted in green;
  • Science in the encyclopedia has become clickable;
  • Fixed a bug when money was awarded for completing quests instead of luck. Money was taken away, luck was given;
  • Fixed a bug where individual quests could be completed several times. But the extra rewards remain with you;
  • The display of borders on the map has become more correct and pleasant to look at;
  • Many other bugs have been fixed.

Minor update 1.13.006


  • Now you can change your in-game name;
  • Now, if scientific knowledge is sufficient for the final study of current science, it can be invested regardless of the limit;
  • If you select a detachment of soldiers returning to the city after an attack on the Edict / War screen, the loot will be shown;
  • Fixed bugs