Game Version 1.09

Minor update 1.09.007


  • Game launcher Now the application does not need to constantly download, the built-in launcher will independently check for updates, offer you to download and install them. Glory to the robots!
  • The land trade radius has been increased to 100 hexes.

Minor update 1.09.006


  • The accumulation of scientific knowledge (flasks) is limited in the amount of production for 30 hours;
  • From the moment of entering or leaving the country (by any means) it is impossible to submit a new application within 72 hours;
  • Scientific knowledge (flasks), obtained by robbery, will flow automatically when the troops return home. In this case, the coefficient of the difference of scientific knowledge between countries will be used – it is more profitable to rob more developed countries!

Minor update 1.09.005


  • Introduced Anti-cartoon-3

Minor update 1.09.004


  • Abandoned dynasties will become barbarians faster. If within 6 hours not a single building has been built in the city, and this is the only city of the dynasty, it becomes a barbarous city;
  • Added a large number of new images of buildings;
  • A new settlement principle has been introduced: all newcomers appear close to each other, in several points of the continent;
  • Entered command settlement;
  • Changed the range of influence of happiness to (rounded) 0.2-1.5 (it was 0.23-1.77).

Minor update 1.09.003


  • Free construction acceleration is now up to 15 minutes (it was up to 5 minutes);
  • With a lack of power in the country, it is impossible to invest scientific knowledge in science;
  • Fixed some bugs with countries;
  • Changed the backgrounds of cities, added the background of savanna, changed the background of the tundra;
  • Added seal deposit;
  • Added alpha version of shareings and team landings.

Minor update 1.09.002


  • When rebuilding the building at level 10, the price in resources is zero. But the time is nonzero;
  • The cost of building level 1 buildings will increase by 3-4 times (except for the first buildings in the group);
  • Turning on, off, demolition of the building will occur on a timer. Timer = price of the time of the current level. These events will occupy the construction slot. They can be canceled, accelerated for good luck;
  • It is possible to cancel the construction, turn on, turn off, demolish the building. Spent resources are not returned;
  • In parallel, you can build several buildings;
  • The construction time of all buildings increased by 2 times;
  • Increased storage capacity;
  • The first city may appear in the forest, and not just on the plain;
  • Workers can no longer scout the map;
  • Fixed bug with displaying the cost of science, and other errors.

Minor update 1.09.001


  • Introduced tactics;
  • You can create and save tactics, use them in a battle simulator;
  • You can assign one tactic as a tactic of the city. City troops or troops in the city will use this tactic in battle;
  • Fixed an important bug with the visibility of offers on the market;
  • Changed the “default market”;
  • Updated pictures of some units;
  • Fixed various bugs.