About the project

Project Team

Your civilization – a strategic online game, created and supported by the project team, but legally we are called “Your Civilization KZ” LLP (BIN 221040038956).

Write to us:

  • General questions info@yourciv.com
  • Technical support support@yourciv.com
  • For investors invest@yourciv.com
  • So that we delete all your data, send any letter delete@yourciv.com

User Agreement

Usually in this text the administration of the project describes in many way that everything that it does is correct, and that it does not happen, it (administration) is not to blame. We have written about the same thing. But we only got 10 points.

Privacy Policy

Probably the most useless text on the site. However, a tribute to fashion and the requirements of legislation force to declare such a policy. Here she is.

We will save 15 minutes of your life and make a short retelling of human language, just three points:

  1. At registration and during the game we will learn about you a number of personal data. What is your mail, and still (possibly) name, account in social networks, phone, etc. We pledge not to disclose.
  2. We will use this data to send you (and your acquaintances) information about our projects.
  3. Impersonal data can be used for research. This neutral phrase hides the ability to load arrays of email addresses into an advertising system (for example, Google) to build a portrait of the audience and advertise the game. The method is quite reliable, and Google about you and so everyone knows.