User Agreement

1. About culture.

It is forbidden to use obscene words and expressions as names of countries, dynasties, cities, and also in personal communication and in other cases. Any words or phrases bearing offensive meaning or connotation will be deemed obscene. In making decisions, the administration will have a personal understanding of the issue.

2. About spam.

It is forbidden to publish calls anywhere and for some reason, if it is not directly related to the game. The such includes advertising of any goods and services, activities, as well as propaganda of any political, religious, behavioral and similar actions, ideologies or worldviews.

3. About multi-accounts.

Multi-account is called any variant of access with two (and more) account of the game. Multi-account is prohibited.

4. About Bots.

Any software that engages in game activity or data collection is recognized by the bot. Bots prohibited.

5. Error.

If bugs and vulnerabilities are detected, the game should be immediately reported to the administration by e-mail support@yourciv.com. Hiding bugs and vulnerabilities of the game will be punished.

6. Purchase of non-exclusive rights.

Buying luck, the way provided by the administration, is a purchase of non-exclusive right. The transaction ends at the time of purchase. Next you are free to use luck or not to use, however this right already belongs to you and cannot be exchanged back for money.

7. Other.

  • Violation of any law applicable to you is prohibited;
  • It is prohibited to use the game to persons under 13 years of age, persons who do not have the consent of legal representatives, persons with medical or other contraindications;
  • Any extraction of any material benefit by (or through) the game is prohibited;
  • The account owner is the owner of the e-mail address specified during registration;
  • Administration is not responsible for the actions of third parties, such as communication providers, manufacturers of equipment, software, service companies providing services and other persons;
  • For any violation of this agreement, the administration has the right to impose penalties, including (but not limited to) the following: Blocking of the account (ban), temporary or permanent change of the individual parameters of the account;
  • The administration may make changes and additions to this agreement without prior notice.

8. Waiver of warranties.

The service in the form of a game is provided “as is” and “as available”. We do not guarantee continuity, error-free, or that errors will be corrected. You agree that your access to and use of the game is at your own risk.