Full list of all (existing at the moment) articles and tables on the game. What the science, the content and price of units, the exact parameters of the fields, the tree of Science, the catalog of all buildings and buildings, climates, reliefs and much more. Learn!

1. Resources

Description of all kinds of game resources and how they can be used. The deposits necessary for extraction of resources are specified.

2. Science

Description of scientific specialization, looting of knowledge, scientific fusion and scientific epochs. Tables of science and coefficient of the scientific epoch. Tree of Sciences.

3. War

Description of the combat system Fundamentals and Unit parameters table.

4. Specialization of the city

The specialization table sets the base value of resource production for 100 inhabitants of the city.

5. Influence

Description of the parameter, increase of city and region. Resources influencing influence. The table increases the city’s influence depending on buildings and resources.

6. Trade

Description of trade and geography. Influence of relief and roads on the movement of troops and merchants.

7. Economy of the city

Description of the main production factors, including buildings and terrain improvements. Table of deposits.

8. Country

Levels of the palace and the power of the country.

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